Your detailed, step-by-step instructions for the installation of a forex advisor

Place the sovetnik.ex4 file in the forex advisor catalogue of your trading terminal. As a rule, the location is: Data folder -> MQL4/Experts/  The first part of the path (the path up to the “Experts”) may vary depending on the broker you’re using and on where exactly you have installed your trading terminal.

Once the file has been copied to the indicated catalogue, you can start trading with the forex advisor. You need to launch your MetaTrader 4 terminal (the terminal.exe file) and add the advisor to the chart by doing the following:

After your trading terminal has been loaded in the Navigator window, open the “Advisors” folder and move your forex advisor to the chart. Your forex advisor may show up in gray, which is what happens to all forex advisors that don’t have a source code, and this is no cause for worry – it will not affect the advisor’s performance. When the forex advisor has been moved to the chart, a window will appear with two tabs: “General” and “Entry Parameters”. Under the “General” tab, check off the “Allow the advisor to trade” and “Allow signals” options. Your “Long&Short” positions should also be checked off. Make sure that the “manual confirmation” and “do not repeat signals” options are unchecked. Leave all the other settings as they are – their adjustment is at your discretion. When you click on “OK”, the forex advisor should automatically show up in the top right corner of the chart. In order for the forex advisor to work, it is necessary that the icon near the name of the forex advisor show the following emoticon: :). If, instead, you see a cross, look for the “Advisors” button on the upper panel of the terminal. Click on it once you have located it; the forex advisor should “smile”. Once it does, your forex advisor has been turned on, and you are all set now. All you need to do at this point is wait: as soon as the forex advisor has been moved to the chart, the market starts getting analyzed and orders based on the forex advisor algorithms began to be placed. It is possible to change the settings (the variable ones) in the “Entry parameters” tab to reflect your trading needs.


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