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    I am glad to greet you on my personal blog MT 4. This blog is about brokers MT 4 and trade strategies and everything that is connected with word Forex. I am not going to write about things that are already told and written .I want to state my own thoughts and knowledge about stuff that is not written well. MT 4 – Metatrader 4 is a trade platform for completion operation on the market Forex.

   I am a trader with substantial experience. I live in Canada, although began to trade in Ukraine. I was concerned with successful business, but once I saw the book about Forex market. After reading I understood, that in order to live anywhere I want, to be wealthy and successful, all I need is internet connection. I did not hesitate and opened “Demo” account in one of the big American broker companies. In couple hours, I was talking to a girl from this company. She taught me very fast how I can trade on the Forex market. She showed me a page with market analyzes platform, and indicators. I bought several books and, at the very beginning, I found technical analyzes figure of “Head and Shoulders” on the graph, and made my first rate immediately. I won! Afterwards, I opened real account on 10,000 USD and it rose to 21,000 USD. I could not even understand how I did it. Now, the dream about life on the beautiful islands seemed very real and close to me. But, unfortunately, good things pass quickly; somehow my account got reduced to $5000.

    Books I read, say that housewives and farmers become the most successful traders. So is the problem my master degree? So I stopped and began a detailed search about Forex and everything that is connected with it. From the very begging, I found some people who work in the broker companies, and learned about their job, that is our main enemy. Step by step, I learned about trade strategies and methods. Now I am trying to systemize all the information into this blog. I know how brokers trade and block the trade and I’ll try to give this information out for you intangibly.  After 3 years I opened my own account in two broker companies, doubled deposit, and withdrew money. I consider this moment as the beginning of my trader career. Now I want to talk about everything in order.


MT4 Brokers and how to work with them properly.


    I’ll be talking about MT4 Brokers because I like metarader platform and it is very convenient for auto trading.    If you think, that Forex is united and interconnected system, you are deeply mistaken. Your MT4 client terminal is connected with MT4 service broker terminal. And the only deals of the traders with high and successful coefficient may spread out outside the broker company boarder. On the real Forex?  Not necessarily; more likely, it relocates to the other MT4 broker or to the bigger MT4 broker or to the less experienced one. And only large MT4 broker will transfer deal to the bank.  So what is going to be with your deal? You will keep playing with thousands of traders inside your company.

    How can you bring it to the life technically? Very simple: a broker has a Bridge that allows copying your order or only part of it, to the other MT4 broker. I know 2 this kind of programs: Boston Technologies Bridges and BJF Trading Group Copy Tool Software. BJF Trading Group Copy Tool Software is cheaper, it copies from MT4 to MT4, but you might be given a Bridge to any other broker that represents API.

    How can you benefit from it as a trader? You are able to trade with your Metatrader Expert Adviser on the broker that isn’t supporting MT4 terminal, but has better trader conditions (spread, etc).  You may also ask somebody for the investor’s password, take a look how that system trade and copy business into your terminal.

 Why brokers transfer dealerships of successful traders to another broker or bank? Because the majority of these brokers earn their money when you loose your money. If you are gaining, they are loosing their money, thus, they will do everything for you not to win or to win somewhere else.


The right way of choosing MT4 Broker.

So, you have a trade strategy and you want to trade. In order to pick MT4 broker(s) for trade properly, you have to understand how broker classifies your strategy and which trade conditions you need for it.


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