MT4 FOREX Scalping Strategies

FOREX Scalping Risks managing

The entering techniques in scalping are very simple, yet the aspect of risks managing is very important. Following these rules is necessary, especially when your plan is going off track. Because the stops for this system are very strict, a trader has to be whether very fast entering or to have his spot on the market of the order. It is very important to learn how to enter with a small loss before it got much bigger.    

Three forex scalping  categories

1.    Playing on the time.
This category is divided into two types:
-    Play on the disruptions; fast removal of a scalp in a few minutes in any driving direction of the market, when the disruption of a moving price diapason occurs.
-    Play in those moments, when the market realizes its fast movements (for example, at 10.00 and 15.00 in New York).

2.    Trading against the trend.
All the dealerships are launched in specific periods during a session, when the market trend is undetermined.

3.    Dealerships following the trend.
Trading on the rollbacks.

In my opinion, the best market for scalping is the market of futures SP 500. This is one of the most marketable, active and accessible markets. Using the scalping on the market of the SP 500, gives you a good income.

Playing on the time.

Strategy 1:

Disruption of the15- minute opening diapason.
This is my favorite method, all you need is a telephone or an internet connection with you broker. It differs from the usual opening diapason disruption play tactics, because an income fixates very fast and a dealership doesn’t last longer than 1 minute.

Model:  Wait for the formation of the first 15- minute diapason.
Entering: Enter through the buy stop 2 ticks lower than maximum of the first 15- minute diapason.
Exit: Close the position while getting an income into the first location.
Stop –loss:  Exit with the loss in the first location or in one minute after opening the position.
Re-enter:  Wait for the disruption in opposite direction. In this case, I double the stop size. Exit rules remain the same.

Look carefully on the disruptions of the first 15-minute diapasons every day. All 9 dealerships were successful. To be continued…

New MT4 ExpertAdvisor SteroID

Technical characteristics:
– Metatrader 4 operating terminal
– EURGBP M15, AUDNZD M15 currency pair
– the amount of the initial deposit is not important, it can be 100$
– completely automatic trade, the control of own orders
– stable average monthly profit from 50% at minimal risks, and up to 1000% at maximal risks
– sending of daily reports on e-mail or a mobile phone (SMS) by the advisor
This is an off-the-shelf program: the trading advisor, compiled in a
file, for completely automatic trade in Forex market, using MetaTrader
4 trading terminal. The advisor is designed to work on the trading
account with USD and EUR deposit currency, with leverage not less than
1:100, on the chart of EURGBP М15 and AUDNZD M15 currency pair.
The delivery set includes a set of following files:
SteroiD_vXXXX.ex4 – the compiled file of the trading advisor.
MarketInfo_vX.ex4 – the compiled file of the advisor, which displays
parameters of the symbol (such as StopLevel, FreezeLevel, MinLot,
MaxLot, LotStep, etc.), detects the difference between the terminal
time and the GMT time (on summer time) and date of switching a clock on
summer/winter time (see below for details), and also saves these data
in the <name of the currency pair>.csv file in the
“…\MetaTrader\experts\files\” directory.
gmtstdXX.csv – an auxiliary file, where TimeZone and SWChangeMode parameters
Opt_stepX.set – presets files for optimization and testing of the advisor separately for EURGBP and AUDNZD currency pairs.

  Currency: AUDNZD, EURGBP     
Timeframe: M15

All the data, needed for trade on REAL accounts of protection and correction, are included in the advisor, namely:
– correction of slippage
– correction of spread change
– Closing of orders on TakeProfit (excludes slippage or a server error at closing of orders)
– shadow levels of StopLoss
– 3 methods of money management, which exclude drawdown
– automatic detection of difference between the terminal time and the
GMT time, and also detection of date of switching a clock on
summer/winter time
– the report, which is convenient for the analysis and is made by the advisor


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Demo account monitoring:

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