MT4 EA “NeuralScalpingEA” testing

I am lucky, because I became the first tester of the new mt4 expert advisor from BJF Trading Group, which called The “NeuralScalpingEA“. In addition, I was given the algorithm of learning (old friend’s help ). So what can I say about this mt4  advisor? It consists of “dll” in which all minimum and maximum calculations for the particular period of time are hidden. The idea of minimum and maximum calculations is not new, BUT the idea that was brought into the expert was the idea of calculations on a few time terms which gives an opportunity to understand the decreasing and increasing of volatility of the market more exactly. In addition, “dll” has the neuro network calculations. This piece of the code is unique, because it contains unlimited calculation opportunities of the neuro network of any structure and with any type of layers. I’ve met a lot of information about theory but I’ve not met anything about the practical realization on this level according to Forex. I could just “dig up” the one layer “perception”, but all this was a tailoring under histories.  

    In the MT4 EA being researched, the network teaches well and gives a perfect result on the testing area. For people like me, who see Forex not just as earning but also as a “study” –there so much other work, because the production of configurations of different networks and testing are involved too.
    Back Testing gave a perfect result even with switched off network. EURUSD is the chose pair, because this is the most popular pair and, I think, brokers will not even dare to spread  on it.  After that, I chose the worst part of the graph, learned about the network and tested that bad area. Network fixed situation. The mt4 expert includes all important work functions for different brokers, for example, you can expose the “stoploss” from the beginning without the order and just get it later or you can expose the order’s time life, for broker to estimate your strategy as not a forex scalping strategy. By the way, BJF Trading Group announces MT4 as a “scalper”. I would say this is not a scalping system any more. I think there is nothing to nag about for broker.

I would outline some disadvantages.
    First of all, if you add MT4 terminal to the graph and star testing at the same time, MT4 terminal disappears. But this is not developer’s fault, it is just MT4 doesn’t support few processes going at the same.
    Secondly, the mt4  expert has a protector. Here I also can understand the developer, because the retrading of other’s mt4 advisors became a good business for bad guys . More than that, I think the product of this level gets into the trade for the firs time and its price is definitely undervalued. As for me, I really like this mt4 advisor. I my personal recommendation is to buy it with no doubt. I would give it the mark 10 out of 10. If there will be an opportunity to adapt other currencies or to adjust the network better than the developer, I will put it on my blog.

Good Luck!

Currency: EURUSD
Time Frame: M5
Risk: Medium

Price: 950 USD

MT4 EA “NeuralScalpingEA” Description and Parameters

The expert advisor consists of the unique scalping mt4
expert advisor, which is based on in-depth analysis of the sample by
means of overlap of multilayered flat channels that not only gives a
chance to identify the price maximum and minimum on a certain time
interval, but also allows to estimate the market tendency, i.e. if the
market dies away or vice versa. Neural part also analyzes sample in the
same time interval and takes a decision to open order or not to open it
on the basis of the accumulated knowledge. Options also allow to open
order at negative signal of the neural networks, but with changed
StopLoss and TakeProfit and smaller lot. It allows to protect the
deposit in a better way.

expert advisor was created for work with currency pairs having low
spread EUR/USD. In order to prevent the pernicious influence of the
expert advisor on the market, the number of copies in sale is limited. MT4 EA NeuralScalper Manual

MT EA “NeuralScalpingEA Back Test

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