MetaTrader MultiTerminal

Metatrader multiterminal – forex software allowing copying trades from master metatrader terminal to slave metatrader terminals. Any money manager know how important software copying orders from general terminal to client’s terminals.

Metatrader multiterminal software should possess the following properties:

-Low delay. This parameter is very important for forex scalping strategies.
-Ability to work with expert advisors
-Flexible  system for copying parameters (lot coefficient, money management, filters, etc.)
-Ability to work with different brokers, servers (ecn or standard, micro or standard), quotes (5/4 digits)
-Ability to copy all kinds of orders: pending, market, partial closure etc.
– Ability to move SL or(and) TP
-easy users management.

I’ve tested about nine metatrader multiterminals and found two programs fully meet these requirements.

First one: Metatrader CopyTool Software
Disadvantages:  all slave terminals should be running

Second: Metatrader MultiTerminal “PowerTradeCopier”
Disadvantages: undiscovered

Incidentally Metatrader MultiTerminal “PowerTradeCopier” can work through the Internet (with ability to manage clients on master side. it is very important for this business) that will be useful to  forex signals sellers.

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