Expert Advisor TFOT

Expert Advisor TFOT based a very complex algorithm that I was not able to fully understand. 
EA included several Indicators and a lot of filters. What I was able to understand:

EA contains two strategies. First Strategy – scalping strategy. Second – trend following strategy with profit trailing. I’ve tester this EA within 6 months on two real accounts. 

1st – NFA  Hedging do not permitted and 2d -Non NFA  Hedging permitted. I chose the accounts so specifically in order to check whether the NFA  restriction affects the EA work. The result in both accounts is almost identical. Profit for 6 months about 90% . All months EA was profitable except June. it is  strange but in June all my EA showed losses. For my opinion it is very powerful & promising  EA. My personal recommendations…..

TFOT Monitoring From BJF Trading Group website (Real account too). 
Their profit 160% with standard risk and fixed LOT

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Oleg Z.

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