Meta Trader 4 is often more commonly known as MT4. This program is actually a trading platform that is frequently used by traders that work in the forex markets. In 2005, a company called MetaQuotes Software developed a program called MT4 and this was subsequently launched onto the market. To use the MT4 software, it

22 Feb 2012

What Are The Warning Signs Of A Poor MT4 EA?

If the vendor unable to provide data to calculate average drawdown then you should not consider this vendor and all the MT4 EA related to it. The inability to provide historical data is one of the many warning signs that you should be aware of. Another warning signs is the guarantee of huge profits. Some

10 Feb 2012

Expert Advisor TFOT

Expert Advisor TFOT based a very complex algorithm that I was not able to fully understand.  EA included several Indicators and a lot of filters. What I was able to understand:   EA contains two strategies. First Strategy – scalping strategy. Second – trend following strategy with profit trailing. I’ve tester this EA within 6

11 Aug 2011

Non-farm payroll trading

The release of the NFP generally occurs on the first Friday of every month at 8:30am EST. This news release creates a favorable environment for active traders in that it provides a near guarantee of a tradable move following the announcement. The NFP report generally affects all major currency pairs, but one of the favorites

27 Jul 2011

MetaTrader MultiTerminal

Metatrader multiterminal – forex software allowing copying trades from master metatrader terminal to slave metatrader terminals. Any money manager know how important software copying orders from general terminal to client’s terminals. Metatrader multiterminal software should possess the following properties: -Low delay. This parameter is very important for forex scalping strategies. -Ability to work with expert

09 Apr 2010

How to examine a broker?

    Successful use of scalping is directly depending on your broker. Experienced traders choose brokers very carefully with consideration of many factors.         The  first factor, is the spread on the traded currency   pair . Most of the brokers give the information about spreads on traded currencies on their websites, but I would recommend to

24 Sep 2009

FOREX Scalping strategies

Scalping is a trading on the short time intervals with the purpose to get an income in 10-15 points during few minutes. This style of trading counts as the most favorable for newbie who wants to get richer in one moment. That’s true from one side, but it is also true that not every newbie

16 Jun 2009

MT4 FOREX Scalping Strategies

FOREX Scalping Risks managing The entering techniques in scalping are very simple, yet the aspect of risks managing is very important. Following these rules is necessary, especially when your plan is going off track. Because the stops for this system are very strict, a trader has to be whether very fast entering or to have

02 Apr 2009

My personal opinion of MT4 – MBTrading Navigator Bridge.

First of all, I want to concentrate on MBTrading Broker. This is an ECN broker with real quotations and great spreads. MBTrading has MT4 demo, but this terminal is pretty “raw” yet and there is no information when real accounts on MT4 are planed. I think it’s going to happen in a year. Every experienced

26 Feb 2009

MT4 EA “NeuralScalpingEA” testing

I am lucky, because I became the first tester of the new mt4 expert advisor from BJF Trading Group, which called The “NeuralScalpingEA“. In addition, I was given the algorithm of learning (old friend’s help ). So what can I say about this mt4  advisor? It consists of “dll” in which all minimum and maximum

10 Feb 2009
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